GURDJIEFFThe War Against Sleep

GURDJIEFFThe War Against Sleep
Colin Wilson


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Friday, November 1, 2013


THE LAW OF ACCIDENT allows walls to collapse, cables and ropes and wires chains to snap; it allows surfaces to become slippery, to tilt, and to crumble those upon them or ceilings to collapse and crush them, when people least expect it.


Stoves and furnaces,ovens and fireplaces can heat beyond comfort, burst out into flames,fill  rooms with smoke and noxious fumes, while cars trucks, buses,bicycles, and moving vehicles, especially planes andboats, on clam or turbulent seas, fail, flater, plunge, sink, crash and smash, or slam into crowds, groups, buildings, forests, mountains, deserts or into each other.

There is no escape from the LAW OF ACCIDENT that fits nearly every Keyhole in Life to share and shake those gaps and entrances, doors/doorways to destruction, or even suffering.

Don't kid yourself-you are not immune or even lucky, to escape THE LAW OF ACCIDENT.. All  your thoughts, urges, plans, wants and needs, loves and hates, and emotions lead to eventual destruction.

You have only one meager chance to escape, to be free from THE LAW OF ACCIDENT, but you do not know what it is? No thought or belief can save you.  

HERE IS AN EXAMPLE that occurred on 10/22/13 that illustrates the LAW OF ACCIDENT.

That morning, I had begun my day  by thinking about the LAW OF ACCIDENT and had thought about it off and on over the past summer.I had taken some notes and jotted down a few things and read some books that stimulated me along those lines.

I got into my car as I had an appointment  and wanted to be on time and time was running out, as the hour for my dental appointment was nearing. I got into my car and backed out of the yard and then began driving down the street to take the street further down to go to the dentist's office.

As I drove forwards past my next door neighbor's place, by their plastic fence of fancy white slats to shelter his plants and sidewalk entrance to their house, AN ORANGE CAT  DASHED OUT FROM BEHIND IT AS I WAS GOING AND EVEN THOUGH I SAW THE ORANGE FLASH OF HIS BODY IN FRONT OF MY CAR I COULD NOT PUT ON THE BRAKES AND I ONLY HOPED HE WOULD MAKE IT ACROSS BEFORE HE WAS CRUSHED.

I felt a thump and I knew the cat, which I had seen before around my house and the neighbor's although he did not belong to either of us, just a neighborhood cat, possibly from the hill across the street to which he seemed to run.

I looked back to see and he was limping up the driveway of another neighbor's place across the street
and I could see him dragging his back right hind leg and he was obviously in pain. I wanted to stop and help the cat and perhaps have him treated at the vet's if I could do so and take him without his 'putting up a fuss' and scratching and clawing , but since he was not crushed in his middle,etc. and did not seem to be  bleeding, I went for my appointment and when I got back called the neighbor across the street from me, and she tried to see if the cat were around in back of her house and garage and even if it had gotten into her garage and also looked at the field in back  of her property,etc. She did not see or find the cat. I have not see the cat about and have no clue if it died, was taken for treatment, is recovering, is still in pain,crippled, etc.

So what does this incident, this accident mean? For the cat it means  pain and for me a concern and also a lesson.

MOVING OBJECTS:    A car, a bus, a truck, etc. is or can be a moving object (in space) and as a result when on a PATHWAY, ORBIT, TRAIL,ROAD,ETC. hit objects (people, animals, birds, insects, hopping frogs and toads, creeping turtles and anything else in the road, coming or going up or down or across in either direction. They can be on either side of the path as well and in the direction the moving object is going as well as against it, directly in the path and the speed of the moving object(s) is important.

Some objects, living or not, can be hit. Living things will be hit and killed or injured in some way as a result of collisions, while others may escape (and if living, perhaps reproduce their kind) or as we say, 'SURVIVE'.

STATISTICALLY, this can be an interesting, sometimes predictable, study but it illustrates when examined more fully THE LAW OF ACCIDENT.


THOUGHTLESSNESS and UNAWARENESS go 'hand-in-hand' , like 'lovers madly in love and passion'.

Your thoughts, minds, etc. are focused on other things rather than the MOMENT ( of ACTUAL ACCIDENT)  THEN YOU DIE!   Or SUFFER!

When you crash on a desert island, don't expect a ship to come and rescue you or a plane to come and rescue you, or the natives to be friendly and come to with open arms and bearing gifts and presents for you.  The same applies, of course, for any  'interplantetary space ships when you take a voyage or trip in or to 'outer space' if you crash on a known or unknown planet or whatever.



We all tend to understand events and circumstances and accidents after they have happened, not or seldom before they happen for a number of reasons.

We are blind to what we are blind: We notice A  but not B or C coming or going. We watch one and ignore the others. We seldom look at all three: A, B, or C. We concentrate on one line, but the other line comes along and then a third line intervenes.

Usually, LINE A IS POSITIVE, LINE B IS NEGATIVE, AND LINE C IS NEUTRAL. But we do not realize this and they can also turn into the opposite , that is, A CAN BECOME NEGATIVE and B CAN BECOME POSTIVE.  'Testing' A or B can give us 'false' values, that is, there can be 'a false positive' and a 'false negative'.

This might be an example.

The streets where no crimes occur are always the exception, ready and waiting for such to happen and when such happens, we can't understand how or why it happened.

The same goes for accidents and suicides and other events in life. Our ordinary understanding of things does not work or operate. We are often too close to the event(s) and have no idea of the steps leading to our or others demises,crimes, accidents, events, experiences, etc.

THE LAW OF ACCIDENT has operated in our lives most of the time and if you examine your life and experiences, you can list and find examples of these and begin to see why you have not achieved whatever aims in life you started  out having.




Friday, June 21, 2013


 This assertion that 99% of all HUMAN BEHAVIOR is mechanical seems to most to be rather absurd, although many, if not most contemporary peoples will concede  that ANIMAL BEHAVIOR IS 'INSTINCTIVE' and also claim that human behavior is 'willed'.

MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR  is 'unconscious' , 'unthinking', 'impulsive', 'incidental' , and 'occasional' or 'automatic' as the case may be, ORDINARY HUMAN BEHAVIOR, often confused for 'normal' behavior, involves the BODY, of course, but also THINKING & FEELING; the 'MIND'
and the 'EMOTIONS' among other things, but you and others like you, who read this are not apt to
understand this for quite a while, if at all during your present lifetime, for a great many reasons.

Your physical behaviours, your mental behaviours, and your emotional behaviours are not in your full control, that is, you do not see the connections between these BEFORE they begin to operate and you take each SITUATIONAL EPISODE as such, confusing feelings and thoughts, for example, relying on such things as 'I LIKE', 'I DISLIKE', 'I LOVE', 'I HATE' , ETC.

These 'positions', 'stances', 'poses', 'states', 'conditions', etc. are RELATIVE and changing, sometimes continually doing so, other times gradually, but seldom are static and rigid unless they form and freeze into specific attitudes or 'fixations' , 'phobias' and the like.

For the most part, you do not remember these 'states' unless they are 'overwhelming', such as an illness affecting the body, mind and emotions in some general  or specific way, and examples of all this are extensive, especially in modern society in the UNITED STATES. The number of pills and drugs taken on a daily basis by people in the US, which can go to amounts like thirty or more per day, and the growing 'health care services' of all types, both traditional, orthodox, standard, mainstream  and the 'fringe', alternative, 'drugless' and 'natural'  are indicative of health and disease issues in many nations.

INVOLUNTARY ACTIONS, whether physical,  mental, or emotional are responsible for all the ills and evils in human society, culture, nations, etc. despite all 'rational'  and  'reasonable' plans created and set  up to solve these problems.

SINGLE SOLUTIONS to COMPLEX as well as to 'SIMPLE' PROBLEMS seldom work or if they do, not as efficiently as hoped for or planned, let alone promised, especially by governments.

Someone or something, in these terms,  'always throws a monkey wrench in the works'.

A good example of this is a bomb thrown into a gathering or a crowd by a terrorist. 9/11 is an example where people driven by their usual habits and concerns, their fantasies and whims, and their involuntary behavior died.

Those who responded to this incident to save lives and to bring order to chaos ,etc. and who  either lived or died are now 'heroes' and those who died are now 'victims'.

This illustrates NOT predestination but THE LAW OF ACCIDENT. Those who did not go to that
area, or to work there, etc. in that building, for whatever reason, survived and those who did not respond to the event also. But that simple fact is ignored as the REACTION(S) to this EVENT have taken over.

But the world sees many 'tragic' and 'heroic' events and deeds as well as many 'births' and 'deaths' on a daily, even hourly basis that our bodies, minds, and emotions cannot take in, that  they ignore, of which these 'machines of mind, body, emotions, are ignorant and unaware, and actually helpless to deal with on many levels and scales.

THUS, the death of one person is apt to be a tragedy for his family, friends, associates, and relatives or neighbors, if that person has any, while the death of MILLIONS,  whether by war(s), disease(s), starvation, extreme weather, volcanic-earthquakes-tidal waves etc., or by auto accidents or mass suicides are merely statistics.

Friday, January 25, 2013


 I have mentioned this book before, especially on THE FOURTH WAY,LA, and wish to make mention of it once more. The previous blog on another book entitled,OUR MANY SELVES, discussed some things that might be helpful in one's own WORK in or on THE FOURTH WAY,while this one comes from one who devoted many years to the work without leaving it or the groups,etc. It is crammed full of information that may prove helpful to those who wish to form groups of their own for study rather than work alone or by themselves, without feedback.

I have found some of the diagrams most useful and so on. These diagrams are those used in meetings and groups and of a specialized nature for the most part and not the general ones that most other works consider or attempt to explain and elucidate.


The author of this book is/was associated with THE CHURCH OF THE SAVIOUR in Washington,DC, and its unique coffee house called, THE POTTER'S HOUSE. I became personally acquainted with both back in the late 1960's when I was there and I also stayed or roomed and boarded briefly at a house they maintained. To stay there, you had to eat at least on meal with them a day.Eventually, they sold this house and I had to move. They also had a bookstore there and did a lot of work in that area which was in NW DC.

I became friends with many of the persons who stayed there. One lady worked for THE NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SOCIETY, of which I was, at that time, A LIFE MEMBER and I used to spend a lot of time looking at the various exhibits as well as at the Smithsonian Institute. I only went a few times to the Coffee shop with a friend whom I met and also a member of the church for special reasons. He had been in the Navy and so on but I can't recall even his name now without consulting my diaries,journals and notes of that time. However, I did attend on church service if I recall and met the Minister whose name escapes me also.

I do not recall meeting the authoress of  this book but when I picked it up I decided to buy it and read it. I skimmed through it and only now have re-read it. For those in the FOURTH WAY,  it may prove a bit helpful in some ways. I have not read her other books.

In this book she tells of joining and 'working' with a group to read books on THE WORK and about Gurdjieff and Ouspensky, of whom she,like so many others, relied on and used the latter's IN SEARCH OF THE MIRACULOUS. I suspect this was the case because some of the other works had not been published or released at the time or were too expensive to obtain back then,etc, or if you did not know of their existence you might not search for them.

She tells us that she eventually left the work group and gives her reasons, some of which may not seem important enough to warrant giving up work with others along similar lines. I did not encounter any group devoted to the work at that time but met other groups of interest which I may or may not mention in other blogs or even this one.

I will comment on this book when I have more time to do so and mention the things that I feel or think may be useful in some ways. The authoress quotes from works that she has found useful and interesting and compatible with her views at the time of its publication.

The CHRISTIAN ORIENTATION will be obvious in this book but it is not strictly what might be 'traditional' or 'sectarian' in-so-far as being allied with the major groups and churches now more familiar to us, whether CATHOLIC OR PROSTESTANT and the political aspects of church operations and missions,whatever they might be or how they might be described.

However, there is some hint of 'ancient' & 'early' Christianity in the book but you have to find it and relate to the actual history of EARLY CHRISTIANITY AND/OR THE CHURCHES & GROUPS AT THAT TIME, namely the first and second centuries, or the TIME CHRIST WAS THERE.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


There is a popular notion or 'superstition' that things come in pairs, such as in the saying, 'It never rains but it pours' and, of course, the animals loaded into Noah's Ark. But in the FOURTH WAY STUDIES things are apt to come in THREE'S,that is, follow THE LAW OF THREE, of which many do not understand or apply for many reasons. While the  mind will accept such, the emotions often do not and the body also ignores this law at different times and sometimes at great cost or expense. The Law of Three also involves 'cause and effect' situations while other things determine our FATE.

Friday, January 11, 2013


The LAW OF THREE in regards to the centers of man, body, mind, emotions, and also the instinctive, moving, sex,and two higher centers is often a concern for those beginning THE FOURTH WAY, especially for those coming from the three classic or traditional ways of  THE FAKIR, THE MONK, THE YOGI.  
  Since these three ways are fairly familiar to those who have previously read this blog and some of the other related blogs of mine, I shall not go into these ways. Instead, I want to discuss this by giving an example that may be more familiar to many: THREE CHARACTERS FROM THE WIZARD OF OZ!                                

The author of the OZ BOOKS, which I had as child when I was around 6-7 years old, FRANK L. BAUM was an interesting person whose other talents and interests have faded a bit since the popular movie with Judy Garland.  The movie,highly entertaining, colorful and musical, shunted aside the special things that can be found in this story.

FIRST, the three characters that concern us here: THE SCARECROW, THE TIN MAN, & THE LION. On the face of it, these characters are amusing and charming, with special problems and character traits and so on. THE SCARECROW LACKS A BRAIN. THE TIN MAN LACKS A HEART. THE LION IS COWARDLY AND LACKS 'COURAGE'. Thus we have THE THREE MAIN CENTERS: THE MIND, THE EMOTIONS, THE BODY.

They all have the PHYSICAL CENTER or BODY and can use the MOVING CENTER as the movie shows fairly well. In these three, we see the need to 'develop' these centers since from the beginning these do not function or work in them or only work inefficiently and therefore these three have to be 'transformed' or 'energized'. We see that these three 'center's in relation to 'DOROTHY' have to do battle with the 'WIZARD' plus deal with two WITCHES and a few other things. DOROTHY, of course, with her dog,TOTO, wants to get back to KANSAS from whence she was whisked by a cyclone/tornado.              

I shall not delve deeper into this story but suggest merely that you read it in the original, first, on the literal level, then on the intellectual level, and then on the emotional level,etc. Try to see how the story affects you, if it does, and OBSERVE YOURSELF as you do this, especially under differing conditions, when sitting, standing, walking, lying down, etc. and when others are sure to disturb your reading or some other interruptions can occur.   Be aware or you thoughts and your feelings and sense certain things in your body as you do this 'exercise'. Then try to recount everything and REMEMBER YOURSELF.  

Monday, December 17, 2012


I tried to discuss this under a new blog topic but somehow it failed to upload or to be saved and so I shall have to re-start as best I can, the discussion of this FOURTH LECTURE from THE PSYCHOLOGY OF MAN'S POSSIBLE EVOLUTION found in my paperback copy which I am using at present. The FOURTH LECTURE begins with the the study of 'CENTERS' and and the observation of their FUNCTIONS which most who begin to do this study do not understand, appreciate, and often dismiss or ignore, the VALUE of their experiences and observations,especially when they discuss such with those who are not connected with, interested in, or who have other 'theories and opinions' of all kinds, about the FOURTH WAY,THE WORK, THE SYSTEM,ETC.  The study and observation of the FUNCTIONS OF CENTERS will reveal that they work at DIFFERENT SPEEDS which means that they have DIFFERENT TIMES.   Since the slowest of the centers is THE INTELLECTUAL CENTER and its time we think is the ONLY TIME THAT EXISTS, that is, ORDINARY TIME. To understand how centers work at different speeds,it will be necessary to give some examples as to how to understand this from a scientific point of view and from other non-WORK or 4TH WAY